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Darwin's Dilemma (DVD)

The Mystery of the Cambian Fossil Record

Charles Darwin realized that the fossil evidence did not support his theory of gradual,
step-by-step evolutionary development. Today, after more than 150 years of exploration,
fossil evidence of slow, incremental biological change has yet to be excavated. Instead,
we find a picture of the rapid appearance of fully developed, complex organisms during the
outset of the Cambrian geological era. Ages 15 & up.

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Dating_Fossils__RocksDating Fossils and Rocks (DVD)

Carbon-14 and Radioisotope dating methods: are they reliable? What are the underlying assumptions? These issues are addressed in a very clear and easy-to-understand presentation. Mike Riddle is an active adjunct professor at the Institute for Creation Research and teaches at their graduate school.

Bonus Material
* Interviews with John Morris, Ph.D. Geological Engineering (President, ICR), Larry Vardiman, Ph.D. Atmospheric Science,
* Jobe Martin, D.M.D., Th.M., Michael Oard, M.S. Atmospheric Science
* Scenic Video of God's Creation

* Education: Complete lesson plans for this DVD are available at
1. Introduction
2. Carbon-14 Dating
3. Radioisotope Dating
4. Scientific Evidence for a Young Earth

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dinosaursDinosaurs ans Creation

with Dr. Mace Baker

The vast majority of dinosaur books teach that dinosaurs evolved from lower reptiles 220 million years ago
and that they became extinct 65 million years ago. This video shows much evidence to the contrary.

Dinosaurs and Creation traces the history of dinosaurs from the Creation to modern times and shows how
they fit into Earth history in a way that is compatible with both science and Scripture.

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Scientific Evidence for Noah's Flood

Do sedimentary layers, filled with fossils which surround the earth represent billions of years of time?
Was the great flood referenced in the Book of Genesis only a local event? This video presents convincing that
Noah's Flood was a real global event and that these vast sedimentary layers had to have been developed rapidly and catastrophically.

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Charles Darwin: Devil’s Chaplain or Pardoned Prodigal? - Bernard Reeves

This article is an abridged version of the one published in two parts by the Prophetic Witness magazine of February and March 2009. The main emphasis of the article is on disputed statements about Darwin’s spiritual change of heart during the latter part of his life – Ed.

Charles Darwin: Die Duiwel se Prediker of ‘n Vrygemaakte Afvallige? - Bernard Reeves

Hierdie artikel is ‘n verkorte weergawe van Charles Darwin: Devil’s Chaplain or Pardoned Prodigal? wat in Februarie en Maart 2009 in twee dele in die tydskrif Prophetic Witness verskyn het. Die klem van die artikel val op omstrede bewerings oor Darwin se bekering kort voor die einde van sy lewe – Red.